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We develop turnkey LNG and Bio-LNG supply solutions and act as an intermediary between suppliers and buyers for all LNG needs. We work with customers of all sizes and we offer unparalleled services to buyers and end users looking to import LNG in ISO tank containers or by entire cargoes.

We bring an added value by facilitating LNG trade transactions on a global scale and by developing power generation projects in many Countries. We also specializes in developing turnkey LNG and RLNG supply solutions in Canada, USA, Europe and Asia that are flexible and that can meet any buyer’s needs.


Your strategic partner for all LNG needs and for small scale LNG solutions.

At Canada LNG Group, we believe that natural gas will play a central role for lowering carbon emissions in China, Taiwan, India, Japan, Vietnam, Myanmar, the Pacific islands, Philippines and in many other countries for years to come. The demand for LNG and for small-scale LNG supply solutions is growing because countries are seeking to manage energy deficits with secure and flexible supply.

The supply of LNG by ISO tank containers is a reliable and cost effective solution and has the advantage of bypassing policy complications of gas pipelines, the geopolitical aspect of transit routes and doesn’t require the need of large receiving infrastructure (LNG terminals), etc.

LNG as a transition fuel toward Renewable Energy

Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) is widely regarded by energy experts globally as an important “bridge fuel” in the transition from conventional fossil fuels to renewable energy sources.

Its role is instrumental in addressing the world’s current energy needs while simultaneously working towards reducing greenhouse gas emissions. LNG serves as an effective intermediary by providing a cleaner alternative to more carbon-intensive fuels like coal and oil.

This shift not only helps to lower emissions in the short term but also supports the gradual adoption of renewable energy technologies. As we move towards a future dominated by sustainable energy, LNG’s flexibility and relatively lower environmental impact make it an essential component in the global strategy for cleaner energy not only in Asia but internationally.

Energy transition and Electricity generation

Customers who are using LNG solutions experience a reduction in fuel costs and a reduction in CO2 emissions.

Click here to learn more about the ”virtual LNG pipeline”.

We work in the fields of energy transition and electricity generation for remote communities and areas in different markets across the world. We develop and organize appropriate structures, collaborations and JV with local partners to create successful long-term business operations. Canada LNG Group and its affiliated agents acts as an intermediary between international market participants.

As a success based fee group, we focus on the quality of information, the business opportunities and the introductions we bring to each client and collaborator. We also value our ability to work on a confidential basis with the customers. We accept referrals and introductions from brokers on a case-by-case basis.

We create value for our customers & partners

  • We develop tailored-made LNG and RLNG supply solutions in Canada, Europe, Asia and in other global markets.
  • We source LNG & Bio-LNG directly from LNG Plants and suppliers in Canada and from other producing countries.
  • We provide market knowledge and arrange for the supply of a cleaner fuels at competitive prices.
  • We can export LNG from Canada, USA and from Europe in ISO Containers to any destinations. We collaborate with LNG filling suppliers in USA, Europe, Japan, Western Africa, Indonesia and Malaysia.
  • We offer LNG Shipping & Logistic services domestically and internationally through our partners who are among the Top in the industry.
  • We arrange LNG supply solutions on different terms such as FOB, DDP, EXW LNG plant and CFR/CIF basis.
  • We offer LNG and Cryogenic equipment for sale at competitive prices (ISO tanks, vaporizers, LNG filling stations, Gasification stations & systems, small Modular LNG plants, Hydrogen equipment, Diesel to LNG conversion kits, etc.)
  • We offer LNG ISO Containers rental services.
  • We provide financing solutions for clean energy projects in Canada and internationally through experienced capital partners.
  • As a success based fee group, we focus on the quality of information, the business opportunities and the introductions we bring to each client.

Contact us and let us know how we can help.

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