The energy demand is increasing globally on a yearly basis and we strongly believe that cutting CO2 emissions is part of creating a better and cleaner future for all.

Natural GasClean, Reliable & Cost-efficient
Using natural gas is a first step towards a less carbon-intense future but many remote communities and power generation plants across the world have no access or a very limited access to natural gas.

LNG Virtual pipeline
Our Group helps bridging the gaps by using a virtual pipeline where it is needed and to help end users at reducing their cost and their environmental footprint. The virtual pipeline enables regasification of LNG, safe storage and transportation, efficient and flexible energy solutions, etc. Click here to learn more about the LNG virual pipeline.

Small Power Generation Projects

lng to power, small power generation projects

Click here to learn more about small power generation projects with supply of LNG by ISO Containers. You will find information about the setup, process, equipment needed, the LNG Supply Chain (virtual pipeline), etc.

Click here to learn more about all aspects of large LNG to Power projects. Get access to third-party webinars that covers the mitigation of Risk, Finance and Construction, infrastructure, FSRU, Case study in Asia, etc.

LNG to Power – Turnkey supply solutions

Canada LNG Group team of technical & logistic experts and collaborators have experiences in sourcing LNG from across the world and developing turnkey LNG supply solutions in Canada and in different Countries.

Contact us if you are looking to purchase LNG and or if you are looking to implement an LNG-to- Power solution tailored to your specific needs. Our Group is involved in all the supply chain including LNG procurement, downstream applications, equipment, transportation and logistics, LNG refilling & distribution, etc.

Mining Industry & Industrial needs

We can arrange competitive and tailored LNG solutions for the mining industry, for power generation and industrial heat. We can guarantee a reliable, flexible and constant LNG supply along with all the technical expertise needed for off grid mining sites.

Energy Transition

If your Company is using Propane, Diesel or CNG for industrial heat and or power generation, our proposed turnkey supply solutions offer a cleaner fuel and are cost effective. Contact us if you have heating needs in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Ontario, Québec or in any region in Canada or USA.

Remote and Off-grid Communities

Our turnkey supply solutions are well suited for any remote areas and communities due to the flexibility of using the LNG ISO containers.
The ISO tanks can also be used as a temporary storage solution due to an holding time of more than 100 Days.

Power Generation

LNG as fuel for power generation is a great way to reduce costs and lower emissions and that is why so many companies are now chosing LNG as their unique source of energy. Due to our local and global LNG supply chain and our partners proven systems, we can arrange solutions to meet all power generation needs in Canada and in many other Countries.

Marine Bunkering

Due to our vast network of contacts in the LNG industry in Canada and our participation in the development of small-scale LNG projects in Canada, USA and in other Countries, we can help end users to meet the new regulatory requirements in order to limit their sulfur emissions. LNG has almost no sulfur content compared to other marine fuel and can be a cost effective solution for the marine industry in Canada.

How we Help

Canada LNG Group helps remote communities, industrials and power generation facilities to reduce their fuel costs by using an LNG virtual pipeline. Our group arrange and structure turnkey LNG supply solutions including the natural gas procurement and distribution, the transportation & logistics to the end user site, downstream applications and equipment (LNG containers, mobile vaporizers, Genset, mobile LNG filling station, etc), handling & cleaning of the ISO tanks, etc.

Contact us if you would like to discuss about your LNG or Bio-LNG needs.

LNG to power Canada, LNG to power solutions
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