LNG is Clean, Reliable, and Cost-efficient.

LNG islands, LNG for islands, LNG supply islands
Our goal is make cleaner energy available to the greatest number of islands across the world.

At Canada LNG Group and through our affiliates and strategic partners, we arrange and provide turnkey LNG supply solutions and Power solutions for the islands and remote areas in Canada, USA, the Caribbean, Europe, Oceania and Asia.

We help companies and end users to secure supplies of LNG and energy at competitive prices and we help with the displacement of diesel fuel on the islands.

Our marketing and trading activities create links across the buyers and suppliers in different markets. From sourcing, transportation, logistics, storage, onsite equipment, delivery and regasification, we optimize the entire LNG supply chain. We offer complete small-scale LNG solutions that are flexible and meet quality, safety and price requirements in different Countries.

Depending on the needs and the project requirement on the island, our group can also provide electricity solutions at fixed cost per kilowatt hour (kWh).

We welcome new collaboration opportunities with local partners and power generation companies in order to provide cleaner energy solutions for the islands and their communities.

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