At Canada LNG Group, we work with end users in North America, Europe, Asia and accross the world and can arrange term contracts and offtake agreements for the supply of Liquefied Natural Gas at a competitive price. We also work with private and accredited investors who are interested in investing in small-scale LNG plant in Canada, USA or in other Countries where we and our partners have market knowledge and future growth opportunity.

For Off-takers

We can offer a constant and reliable supply of LNG to end users.

For industrial users, Commercial users, Residential users, Transportation fuels, etc.

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Many end users around the world are using Natural Gas for different industries and applications. LNG is the world’s cleanest fossil fuel and is an efficient and is a reliable source of energy. It is being used throughout the world to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

End users in remote areas or who don’t have access to the grid need a reliable and constant supply solution. Therefore, Small-scale LNG plants are being developed globally to supply LNG to remote users and to provide a cleaner source of energy for different industries.

When we develop a new small-scale LNG plant our goal is to be respectful of the environment and the communities where we build the Plant, to produce LNG at the most competitive price as possible and to transport it to different local and international end users at a good price.

Virtual Pipeline

Small scale LNG plants vs Standard LNG distribution network

The small scale LNG plants enables the development of the network by liquefying the natural gas at a small scale and then to transport it by LNG ISO tanks, trucks or by small scale LNG vessels to the end users in different markets. This is called Virtual Pipeline because it supplements the standard and large-scale supply network and provides a faster way for LNG to reach the customers. Therefore, the LNG demand can be met quickly and cheaply and it provides flexibility to the market.

On the other case, the standard way to supply natural gas is by pipeline. However, building new pipelines, LNG receiving terminal, tankers, etc. is expensive and takes time. Also, all new pipeline projects have to go through a lot of regulatory and legal issues before they are built. The natural gas is then liquefied in order to be moved by large LNG tankers to another part of the world for storage, regasification and or distribution to the end users. Most of the LNG receiving terminals in the world are owned by SOE and Majors.

For Investors

We offer Investment Opportunites in small-scale LNG plants
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We work in collaboration with private investors and capital partners who are interested to invest into modular LNG plants in Canada, USA and other Countries.

We have the team, the know-how and the expertise to provide modular small-scale LNG plants in cooperation with our partners and leading manufacturers of LNG equipment. We apply our experience in the clean energy and in the oil & gas industry to offer to our customers some investment opportunities in the field of LNG plants development and we provide tailored lng supply solutions to end users worldwide.

LNG plants capacity ranges between 50k MT to 200k MT or more using the most reliable and proven technology equipment and applying standard pre-engineered design concept. Our LNG plant solutions come with ease of operations, efficiency and with competitive prices.

A small-scale LNG plant can be built in less than 12-16 months. Aside from the LNG plant itself, the other components of the virtual pipeline are offtake agreements with buyers and the transportation and logistics to the end users.

Benefits of a small-Scale LNG Plant

A small-scale LNG plant offer flexibility, cost effectiveness and speed to market.

  • Modular LNG plants are cost effective, easy and fast to build.
  • The required investment is much smaller than a traditonal LNG plant.
  • Deliver superior long-term value.
  • Enables buyers to switch from CNG and or Diesel to LNG fast and without the need of large expenses nor investments.
  • Provides a reliable and cleaner energy source at a lower cost to end users in remote areas.
  • The product can easily be transported by ISO tank containers (40ft) to any port worldwide that accepts dangerous goods.
  • The Plant produce a substitution fuel that is in high demand worldwide for different applications such as trucking, marine, railroads, mining, drilling, heating, etc and provides a feedstock for power plants & manufacturing facilities.

Click here to see an article about small-scale Canadian LNG projects.

Canada LNG Group has access to:

  • upstream opportunities to secure Natural Gas at a competitive price.
  • large parcels of land that are strategically located near international containers ports.
  • to an experienced and knowledgable technical team to implement to best modular and small-scale LNG plant for the selected site.
  • buyers and end users of LNG in different markets and Countries.
  • a dedicated LNG shipping & logistic team to transport the product to any destination in Canada, the Carribeans, China, Vietnam, Philippines and to other Countries or remote locations (islands or other).
  • manufacturers of Cryogenic and LNG equipment such as ISO tanks for the supply of LNG.

Canada LNG Group and its partners & collaborators have an expertise in developing small scale LNG plants and Power plants in Canada, USA, Asia and in other Countries. We can also provide all the equipment needed for the downstream operation such as LNG ISO Containers, LNG filling stations, Regasification equipment, LNG Storage tanks, vaporizers, etc. at competitive prices.

When we build a new small-Scale LNG plant, the preassembled and tested module (liquefaction system) is shipped to the site so the Plant can be assembled by an experienced contsruction company with minimal installation work.

Modular LNG Plants
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The steps when building a new small scale LNG plant are:

• Design & Engineering
• Equipment procurement
• Fabrication & Installation
• Quality control
• Storage and dispensing systems
• Optimized controls
• Project management and ongoing support
• Start-up and commissioning support First shipment.

Starting from land leasing or aquisition, concept, design through implementation of the project, testing, commissioning, up to maintenance of the plants and the distribution of the lng, we can cover it all.

Contact us if you are a end user and want to secure an LNG supply and or if you are interested to invest in LNG plants and in promising LNG projects.

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