LNG Trading & Brokerage services for the LNG spot market.

lng spot cargo - lng spot cargo brokerage services

We facilitate trading of LNG Spot cargoes.


Global LNG Sourcing

Competition for access to natural gas and liquidity is increasing due to the growing demand for cleaner and safer energy. Canada LNG Group connect suppliers and buyers of SPOT cargo on an international level.

Through our global network of suppliers and partners, we act as an agent and offer physical LNG cargo brokerage services to secure the best price possible for liquefied natural gas.  We specialize in spot, short term and medium term cargoes. We help arranged physical LNG spot cargo transactions in Canada, USA, Europe, India and Asia.

We charge a small and fixed fee per mmBtu on any trades transacted through us or through our partners & suppliers and only after the delivery of a cargo (we do not charge any upfront fees). Cargoes are normally sold on DES basis.

Please note that in order to source and confirm the availability of a LNG cargo, we normally require the below information:

  • Terminal Authorization
  • Load and disport restrictions and cabotage requirements
  • Quantity (volume)
  • Shipment period & Frequency
  • Destination Port / LNG Terminal
  • Tank and LNG terminal capacities
  • Information of product flows over time

We work with clients of all sizes and we bring an added value to buyers by facilitating trade transactions through a wide range of LNG supply sources and by intermediating needs of parties involved on a global scale. We help filling the gaps caused by the supply shortages and to arbitrage prices between markets.

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LNG Ship Brokerage Services

We have a large broker’s network and good business relationships with LNG tanker owners, oil & gas companies and charterers to help you find the LNG ship that will fit your needs and budget. We act as an intermediary between shipowners and charterers who use ships to transport LNG and also between buyers and sellers of LNG vessels. Our team focuses on second hand sales of LNG carriers of small and large sizes.

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Please Contact us if you are looking to buy physical LNG cargo.

LNG spot cargo - Canada LNG spot cargo

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