lng export license, Canada, USA

LNG export license from Canada and USA.

We have an export license in Canada for the exportation of LNG to Asia and across the world. Our Business collaborator in the USA also has an Export license valid for the export of LNG from the U.S. Up to 1 Million tons of LNG per year.

Our Group is authorized by the National Energy Board in Canada to use the license for our customers and or for LNG buyers & end users who would like to import Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) in their Country.

How it works

1. We can use the export license for the trading and selling of LNG and to offer turnkey supply solutions to buyers & end users of LNG.

2. We can also work with buyers who for example would have a term contract with a LNG producer. in that case, the Assignor (Buyer) is simply transferring title of the LNG to the Assignee (us) for the only purpose of clearing exports. Therefore, we simply sign a Title Transfer Agreement for the LNG with our customer (importer) so we can fill out on their behalf all the necessary export paperwork in Canada to clear exports on all shipments.

3. We can assist verified buyers & end users of LNG to develop turnkey supply solutions to meet their needs.

The benefits

There can be many advantages for the buyers to use such service through our Group. This enables for the buyers to save time & money, to access a simple export procedure and to have access to a team that is based in Canada and also in the United States of America.

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