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Canada LNG Group works with experts in Canada, USA and in China for the procurement and rental of LNG equipment (Cryogenic equipment). We connect our customers with the best suppliers & manufacturers and with optimal equipment rental solutions. We help to create tailored solutions to suit any sized customer and to answer their needs and budget.

Our team can evaluate which equipment make the most sense financially and logistically for customers in Canada, USA, Europe, Asia and globally.

Click here if you want to buy or lease LNG ISO containers.

List of Equipment for the LNG and Bio-LNG sectors:

  • LNG Tankers
  • LNG ISO Containers
  • LNG Container Fleet
  • LNG mobile stations
  • LNG Queen storage/pumping
  • LNG Hose
  • LNG Vaporization equipment
  • LNG Trucks
  • LNG Vehicle tanks
  • LNG Ambient Air Vaporizer
  • LNG Regas unit
  • LNG transport unit
  • LNG parts pieces
  • LNG Filling Stations (Refueling and Mobile Stations)
  • Modular LNG and Bio-LNG plants
  • etc.
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