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Used LNG Ships – Sale & Purchase – Time Charters

Demand for LNG continues to rise and as new LNG supplies are offered to the global markets, a growing trading activity is driving the demand for the shipping of liquefied natural gas.

Through our partners and collaborators, we benefit from global presence in the energy and LNG shipping sector. We act as an intermediary and facilitator between shipowners and charterers and also between buyers and sellers of LNG ships.

We specialize in Sale and Purchase of used LNG vessels.

Our specialist team of LNG ship brokers come from a variety of backgrounds and from different countries around the world to help clients to buy, sell or rent LNG ships of different types and sizes. We can also arrange for contract of newbuilding LNG ships tailored to the buyer’s needs.

With a privileged access to direct owners and to more than 20 brokers located in USA, Greece, Switzerland, London, Norway, China, Japan, Singapore and in other key markets, we can provide solutions along the entire LNG marine supply chain.


Please contact us if you want to buy, sell or rent a LNG vessel.

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