Green Energy project financing, LNG financing solutions

We provide funding solutions for small-scale LNG projects, small liquefaction plants, modular LNG plants and renewable energy projects worldwide.

Our financing team specialize in providing financing solutions and in structuring equity partnerships for promising small scale LNG projects (mini lng liquefaction plants, modular LNG plants, etc.) and renewable energy projects. Our team has also been working in the past few years in providing financial advisory and strategy consulting services to innovative companies in North America looking to form cross-Pacific partnerships.

Private Funding
We help our clients to develop a comprehensive fundraising strategy, and fully convey their value proposition to potential investors and strategic partners. We also make sure to form long term and solid partnerships based on a cultural, financial and strategic synergy and we work to help our capital partners achieve their financial goals across a diverse range of investment strategies and markets.

Our Capital partners invests in people and ideas with a focus on small-scale LNG projects and clean energy solutions.

We have good relationships with private investors and capital partners in Canada, USA, Europe and Asia in order to provide an efficient fundraising and partnership process that benefit both parties in the realization of their goals. ​The funds are normally provided directly by our capital partners and we consider any realistic project of 20 million dollars or more.

For Investors & End-users of LNG

If you are looking to invest and or to build a small scale LNG plant or liquefaction plant in Canada, USA or in other parts of the world, our team will be able to assist you to build a turn-key project that will be tailored to your specific LNG needs.

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We can help connect you with different sources of funding for any project.

Equity Finance
We assist clients in seeking equity investment for existing businesses, acquisitions and greenfield projects and we can also help to prepare information memorandums (including financial projections and valuations) for the potential investors. Canada LNG Group has good relationships with Private investors, Private Equity Partners and Hedge Funds and in order to find and allocate capital strategically to the right investment opportunity.

For Equity finance and partnerships, we principally target investment opportunities in the United States, Canada, Europe, India and Asia that require 50 million dollars or more of initial equity capital.

Debt Finance
We assist clients in obtaining debt financing to refinance existing loans, finance expansion and acquisitions or to finance new projects through different financing solutions such as fixed asset loans, bridge and mezzanine financing. Canada LNG Group sources good investment opportunities for his capital partners and lenders and can also help in the preparation of the information memorandums, presentations and deal negotiation.


Please contact us with a summary of your project and with information about your financing needs and we will contact you to discuss further if we are interested in your project.

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