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Sale and Leasing of LNG ISO Tank Containers

Through our collaborators in Canada, USA, Europe, and in China we have access to an extensive line of ISO tank containers for sale or for rent for short term rentals as well as for long term leases. The benefits of using quality LNG ISO tanks helps the customers to keep their capital and to better manage their inventory.

All the LNG ISO tank containers available via Canada LNG Group are approved to ISO standards in Canada and in different markets. Using Cryogenic LNG tanks is a very versatile way to ship Liquefied Natural Gas by land or by sea to any destination.

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About LNG Containers

The leasing of Cryogenic containers is an efficient way to move LNG and it offers economical and environmental benefits. It is an attractive supply solution compared to the traditional small scale LNG distribution model. It fills a void between road transport of smaller volumes and the bulk shipment that are mainly used to transport large volumes of LNG to overseas markets.

The global fleet of 40ft LNG ISO containers is still very small but our customers and collaborators holds together one of the largest fleet of cryogenic containers (T75) in Canada, in USA, in Europe, in China and even globally.

Canada LNG Group strongly believe in the role of inter-modal transport of LNG to bring a cleaner energy to overseas buyers and we also believe that the demand of LNG shipped in ISO tanks will continue to increase due to the flexibility of it. However and at this time, only few ports in China can currently accept LNG in containers (considered a Dangerous Good) but more options should become available in the coming months/years.

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