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Helping to Make the World a Better Place.

Since its inception, our Group has been involved in energy transition by working on projects internationally to displace diesel and coal with cleaner fuels.

More recently, we have a team that is dedicated to Bio-LNG marketing & trading and green energy solutions.

As an affiliate marketing partner of GCE and through our strategic collaborators, we offer a wide range of solutions & services for the clean energy sector.

Clean Energy Solutions

  • Biofuels Trading & Marketing
  • Biofuel storage solutions
  • Bio-LNG (RNG) Marketing and Trading
  • Bio-LNG project development & offtake agreements
  • Shipping & Logistics solutions for clean fuels
  • RNG solutions & equipment (storage tanks, mini liquefaction plants, etc.).
  • Clean/Green Power Generation
  • Clean Power Solutions for Data Centers
  • Off-grid Power solutions
  • Ammonia Trading & Marketing
  • Hydrogen Marketing & Equipment
  • CO2 Capture and Storage
  • CO2 Liquefaction Equipment
  • Floating Solar Panels
  • Fuel Cells Energy & solutions
  • Air Treatment
  • Water Treatment
  • Mobile water and wastewater solutions
  • Air quality emission credits
  • Carbon Credits, Emission Credits, and Plastic Credits
  • Waste decarbonization
  • Renewable Energy Project Financing (private funding solutions)

What is Clean Energy

Clean energy is a form of energy that does not produce harmful pollutants or greenhouse gases that contribute to climate change. It typically includes renewable energy sources such as solar, wind, hydro, and geothermal power. Green energy is considered sustainable and environmentally friendly, and it is becoming increasingly important as the world seeks to reduce its reliance on non-renewable sources of energy like fossil fuels.

The clean energy sector comprises companies and industries involved in producing and distributing renewable energy sources, such as solar, wind, hydropower, geothermal, and biomass, as well as energy-efficient technologies and products. This sector aims to reduce the dependency on non-renewable and fossil fuel sources of energy and decrease the carbon footprint of human activities in the fight against climate change.

What is Bio-LNG

Renewable Liquefied Natural Gas

Bio LNG (liquefied natural gas) is a renewable and sustainable fuel which is made from biodegradable or organic waste material, such as agricultural waste, food waste, or sewage sludge. The process of producing bio LNG involves cleaning and refining the biogas, which is then liquefied (cooled to a very low temperature) to produce bio LNG.

Bio-LNG can be used as a replacement for traditional LNG, which is a fossil fuel, and has a lower greenhouse gas emission than fossil fuel-derived LNG. It is a low-carbon fuel that helps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve air quality.

Click here to learn more about Renewable LNG.

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