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Shipping & Logistics Solutions for LNG Containers

LNG ISO container shipping.

Canada LNG Group is collaborating with the best logistics freight forwarding companies in Canada and across the world and we specialize on land and sea transportation of LNG in iso Containers in Canada, USA, Europe, The Caribbeans, India, Indonesia, Japan and China.

Container Transportation

Through our shipping and logistic team we also offer international container shipping services (import & export) including documentation, shipping and logistics to and from anywhere in the world.

With most of the world trade being carried by sea, our team focus on offering many direct services between ports worldwide at competitive prices by working with various carriers and to ensure the best sailing schedules and multiple departure and arrival options from port of origin to the final port of discharge.

LNG ISO Containers Transport

Our strategic cooperation with LNG suppliers and LNG carriers enable our customers to enjoy the most reliable and advanced service methods in the world and to get competitive prices. We have contacts with many trucking companies and steamship lines with worldwide network to move LNG ISO tank containers to various Countries.

We carefully analyze our customer’s needs to ensure the best solution and satisfaction.


Our shipping & logistic team is composed of first-class experts and have a 40-Country network to provide tailor-made solutions for our customers. We are able to provide LNG buyers with the best transportation solutions for LNG in ISO Containers to any destination/port that accept DG (class 2.1).

We can also provide extended freight services such as customs clearance, LNG export declaration, cargo insurance, track and trace systems. Customers are able to trace the empty/full containers in real-time remotely anywhere in the world and each customer is assigned a dedicated key contact person. All the containers in transit are constantly being monitored to avoid load disruptions and to reduce any possible custom delays.

To make it easy for the customers, we can also take care about all customs-related responsibilities on behalf of the buyer/Consignee to clear goods across the Canadian border and for everything related to the import of the empty containers in Canada (ex: Obtaining the release of the imported goods, obtaining, preparing and presenting or transmitting the necessary documents or data, maintaining records, responding to any CBSA concerns after payment, etc.)

Please contact us if you are looking to import or buy LNG and/or to move Containers by land or by sea. Our team in Canada will be happy to assist you.

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