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LNG, Natural Gas and Bio-LNG consulting

We offer our clients tailor-made consulting services and solutions for all their LNG needs.

As a leader in LNG and Renewable LNG procurement and related services, we offer through our strategic partners & collaborators consulting services for customers around the world.

We also cooperate with companies to help them achieve their expected results regarding their LNG project, the optimization of their supply chain (LNG procurement, equipment procurement, shipping, logistics, etc.), project development, securing offtake agreements, providing financing solutions, etc.

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About us

At LNG Canada Group, we have extensive knowledge of the Canadian and international LNG & Bio-LNG industry as well as of the LNG transportation and distribution operations. We understand the markets, players and regulatory structures in Canada, in USA, in China and in many other Countries especially in Europe and Asia.

We use our experience and global network to build custom supply solutions for the clients. We offer a wide range of services for the LNG industry on global markets.

We specialize in the trading and marketing of LNG & RLNG in ISO containers and LNG cargoes (SPOT and term contracts).

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LNG Market

LNG is one of the fastest growing global commodities and trades are expected to increase yearly for the next decades. There are good investment opportunities in the market for small-scale LNG plants and also opportunities for spot and short-term trading.

Our Services

We have access to LNG supply in different Countries and to upstream and downstream projects. We also have a privileged access to certain investment opportunities in the Natural Gas industry in Canada and in other Countries. We have a comprehensive knowledge of the issues that affect commercial negotiations throughout the LNG value chain.

We can originate LNG & LPG purchase transactions for international clients in both the spot and term markets. LNG Canada Group uses its broad market experience and its collaborators in order to provide high quality services and a product mix to meet its client’s stringent requirements to optimizes commercial outcomes & add value to the customers.

A one stop source for the cleaner energies

We offer a wide range of products and services

  • LNG & Renewable LNG (Green LNG) procurement
  • LNG term contracts, Offtake agreements
  • LNG & Bio-LNG export, trading & marketing
  • LNG & Bio-LNG supply by ISO tank containers
  • LNG ISO containers sale and leasing
  • LNG Equipment sourcing, Hydrogen equipment, et.
  • LNG shipping & logistic
  • LNG-to-Power, Power Generation project development
  • Ship brokerage services (Purchase, Sale, Time charter)
  • LNG spot cargoes brokerage
  • Financing & private funding services
  • Unique investment opportunities
  • Negotiation & Representation services (Canada)
  • Business intelligence
  • Due diligence

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