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A Professional and Strategic Partner for all your LNG and Renewable LNG needs. 

Canada LNG Group (Canada LNG is a partnership between Thriwing Capital and GCE Global. We are based in Vancouver, Canada and have partners and collaborators in Europe, in the USA, in Africa and in Asia (India, China, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand and the Philippines).

What we do

We are an LNG and Bio-LNG marketing company and an international trade specialist. We specialize in global LNG sourcing & trading, development of small-scale LNG solutions, marketing of LNG and Biofuel, sourcing of Cryogenic equipment (ISO containers, Storage tanks, etc.), export solutions from Canada, USA, Europe and Asia, Shipping & logistics, etc.

We provide world-class services and we develop with our partners turnkey LNG and Bio-LNG supply solutions at competitive prices along with access to global markets.

Our Group also acts as an intermediary between international market participants who are seeking to buy and sell LNG (SPOT cargoes), Cryogenic equipment, Modular LNG Plants, LNG carriers, FSRUs, etc. that suit their business needs at their request. As a success-based fee group, the team focuses on the quality of information, the international business opportunities, the access to international markets and the introductions it brings to each client and collaborator.

Our mission is to help the world with energy transition.

We help supply remote communities with natural gas as a clean and reliable bridge fuel. We aim at providing cleaner energy to fuel people’s lives across the world while supporting the environment and the transition to a lower-carbon economy. We aim to always stay a step ahead in dealing with change, creating new value for our customers and partners and contributing in the best way we can to society.

We are a leading Company for the LNG & Bio-LNG in ISO Containers and for all LNG needs.

Ethics, professionalism and integrity are the foundation and principles that guide our company and our team and every decision we make is done by keeping the environment and the economic interests of our customers in top priority.

Bringing Cleaner Energy to the world.

We believe that LNG is the best bridge between fossil fuels and renewable energy.

We aim at developing new markets and strategic collaborations and business opportunities with key players in the LNG and Bio-LNG industry. Also helping to develop the best supply solutions and Power solutions to meet the increasing demand for cleaner fuel in Asia and in other parts of the world.

Helping the world with energy transition and towards a more sustainable future.

Our group is focused on supporting the global transition to cleaner energy sources and contributing to a more sustainable future for our planet. 

Canada, USA, Caribbeans, Europe, India, Vietnam, Indonesia, China, HK, Taiwan, Pacific Islands, Philippines, Japan, South Korea, etc.

We develop and offer clean energy solutions to empower a cleaner future by successfully moving LNG and Bio-LNG from producing Countries to customers and end users across the world.

Company Values
Canada LNG Group’s core values originate with our dedication to our customer’s success and with our professionalism in everything we do. We maintain absolute transparency and integrity in all aspects including communications, pricing and contracts. 

Our Services
We help various energy users transition to a cleaner and more sustainable energy through developing and implementing LNG and Renewable LNG supply solutions. We develop solutions for a diverse group of clients from LNG distributors, industrial users, to large oil & gas companies internationally.

We work in the fields of energy transition and electricity generation for remote communities in different markets across the world. Our Company excels in strategic sourcing, business development and business creation. We identify promising opportunities in the LNG and clean energy industry and we organize appropriate structures, collaborations and partnerships for long-term business operations.

We offer our clients tailor-made services and solutions for all their LNG needs.

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What we do – Added value

・We have an LNG Export license in Canada and we develop turnkey LNG supply solutions and Power solutions in different markets around the world.
・We analyze our customer’s needs quickly to create innovative and flexible clean energy solutions.
・We adapt quickly to changing market conditions and are able to seize and create good business opportunities for all parties involved.
・We create collaborative relationships and partnerships to ensure goal achievement. We work in close collaboration with a team of experts in the field of energy transition and electricity generation.
・We excel in global and strategic sourcing and in international business development. We are helping to develop new markets and business opportunities in the LNG sector.
・We have in-depth knowledge of the Asian LNG market and we have key partners and collaborators in different Countries across the world.
・We identify promising LNG trading opportunities, we develop new markets and we organize appropriate supply chain for long term business operations.
・We connect producers and end users of LNG and we make trade happen!

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